Your Relationship with Money: Before Anything, Do This First

Money. We love it, we hate it, we want it, we resent it. We create narratives around those who have it, who don’t have it, who desire it, and who reject it. If you and money were dating, your relationship status would be marked as “it’s complicated” on Facebook.  

If you’re wondering why your financial state has always been a fragile one, there may be a few deeper issues to consider. By investigating your hang-ups around money, you can learn how to bring more of it into your life. In this blog, we’ll outline ways to get to the root of your relationship with money, as well as its source

Dare to Think Different

If you want money, a lot more money than you currently have, you have to think and act in ways you currently don’t. 

What interests you? What sparks your curiosity? What gives your life meaning? 

These are the things worth paying attention to. 

  1. Because life is not a dress rehearsal

  2. Because these are the things you will work tirelessly hard towards. 

It’s much easier to devote ample time and energy to the stuff that lights you up. Hard work when met with genuine passion equals success, which also typically results in cash.

If you don’t believe us, draw inspiration from the greatest polymaths of history. Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Aristotle — these are all people who possessed a thirst for curiosity greater than their fear of money. In addition, polymaths understand the power of traveling the road less taken and delving intoseveralavenues of interest. 

This kind of exploration leads  to new connections, awareness, breakthroughs, and pathways towards success. Polymaths are a testament of this fact; life’s possibilities are endless. 

Also, take a minute to note why your current modes of making money aren’t working for you. If you continue at the speed, salary, or hourly rate you’re at, are you going to get to where you desire to be in 5, 10, or 30 years from now? It sounds simple, but crunching the numbers may be another way to open your eyes. 

Financial success is often non-linear. In order to think outside of the box, mixing up your current beliefs and methods is a must. 

Know Your Limits

TIP #1: Identify your limiting beliefs. 

If you grew up depending on money (which is all of us), then you have limiting beliefs about money. In order to identify what’s standing in your way, you’ll need to understand what beliefs you’re holding onto regarding this illusive resource, as well as why these beliefs exist. 

For example, if you believe that all rich people are evil and all poor people are inherently good, you may have a very valid fear of becoming wealthy. Or, if you’ve experienced trauma surrounding financial difficulties, you’ll likely do anything you can to avoid those feelings, even if it means staying in a mediocre job you hate. 

Do you see the flaws in this thinking? Although our limiting beliefs are often sensical, they ultimately don’t serve us. Dive deep, think about what your family, friends, or society has taught you about money, and then choose whether or not you actually agree. 

Remember — old habits die hard. It takes consistent practice to build new beliefs and ways of doing! By using the Polymath Planner, you can keep your intentions on track. With iterative development, plenty of reflection, and repetitive alignment with your goals, you’ll be able to get crystal clear about what it is you really think about when it comes to money and why. 

Acknowledge your hang-ups, thank them, and move on. They mean well, but they don’t resonate with the shiny new you! 

Get Out of Here, Lack Mentality

TIP #2: Say no to a lack mentality. 

On the topic of limiting beliefs, here’s a mental block you’ll especially want to steer clear of - lack mentality. Essentially, when you’re coming from a place of focusing on lack, you’ll create more of it. Yeah, this is a very uncool thing for your brain to do, but it’s the reality nonetheless. If you’re having a hard time shaking these thoughts, here are a few concrete reasons why:

Worrying is a SUPER annoying way to distract yourself from your goals. Every time you retreat to a place of worry, you get off course. This makes itSOmuch more difficult to get back on the metaphorical horse, A.K.A. the journey towards your goals and financial freedom. Switching this thinking isn’t easy; in fact, it’s impossible to completely recover from. However, keeping this tidbit in mind will help you consider which track to take.

What you focus on becomes your focus. 

It’s a simple concept, but so, so true. If you’re hyper-focused on the amount of money youdon’thave, you won’t see financial opportunities when they try to show up. Missed opportunities equal missed opportunities for magic, such as “AHA” moments, new connections, and a spectrum of possibilities. 

You can’t play big when you’re in a big pile of lack. If you want to live a life greater than you can imagine, you need to press pause on the naysayers that live in your brain. Your subconscious wants you to play small, that’s why it's so mean when you’re trying to grow. 

Lack mentality can be carried in all areas of your life. However, when directly applied to your relationship with money, it can beespeciallydetrimental. Here are a few ways to flip the script. 😊

Lean into Failure

Are you scared about your relationship with money? If so, you’re onto something!

It’ssoeasy to avoid failure at all costs — in fact, it’s instinctual. However, we’re here to remind you that you deserve to exist and THRIVE, not just survive. 

In order to do that, you’ll have to get used to feeling weird. 

TIP #3: Let go of your control and GO FOR IT. 

Take risks. Look stupid. Get scared. Remain open. What’s worse; feeling freaked out and running away, or feeling freaked out and running towards growth? We hate to break it to you friend, but change is uncomfortable. If you want to learn more about money, you have to be teachable. 

Before you run away from this page, here’s a little reassurance. Failure is actually a blessing in disguise! Our pitfalls teach us about who we’re becoming, what we want out of life, as well as what we definitely don’t want. The best part? Falling on your face metaphorically (or maybe literally, who knows!) may give you the exact clues you need to bring in serious cash flow. 

Don’t forget — you’re a human, which means you’re super resilient. If you’re a human who’s hellbent on reaching their goals and aspirations, you’re straight up UNSTOPPABLE.If you find yourself in a scary financial position, grab a side hustle, ask for help, explore all options — whatever you do, DON’T ditch your daydream. 

Desperate times force us to get hyper-focused on our destination and extra creative about the ways and means to get there.

Use Your Resources

Creativity goes hand-in-hand with open-mindedness. If you dare to take the road less traveled, do yourself a favor and bear witness to what can help you.

TIP #4: Find a leverage. 

Networking is an essential step towards success, money, and personal growth. Put yourself out there by signing up for conferences, checking out free events, reaching out to people on social media, and ASKING QUESTIONS. Learning from others is the best way to become aware of opportunities and the concrete methods to prepare for them. 

Additionally, networking is necessary in making your presence known! Consider networking a welcome home party for your ideas —when you connect with others, you move your desires and goals out of your brain and into reality . With the billions of people that exist on this planet, you’re bound to find one person (or a thousand) who can place you on a better path towards financial success. 

TIP #5: Grow in knowledge.

Nurturing yourself intellectually is an investment you won’t regret doing. Reading, researching online, and taking classes are all beneficial ways to become an expert on how to make money. In this day and age, there’s no excuse! 

If you can hack it, investments in the literal sense are also a smart move if made within reason. Whether it’s investing in a friend’s business, real estate, the stock market, or what have you, these decisions can take the work out of making money, which allows more time for building in other areas. 

Get Your Happily Ever After

There’s no denying that money is a sensitive topic across the board. This energy, aptly called currency, can be a scary one to face. With that being said, your so-so relationship with money absolutely has the capacity to be repaired. Have no fear — by acting intentionally and putting in the effort, financial improvement will show up in your life. 😉