Building An Invincible Mindset: Presence

We’ve certainly heard this before: mindset is everything. While we can reframe, reinterpret and reimagine what is happening around us — sometimes things just suck.

And in this period of “suck”, we either succumb to our worries or we figure out to how swim. Cultivating a mindset that allows you to “figure it out” takes time and effort, so don’t expect yourself to just “get it”.

Being in this mindset for any amount of time is beneficial, and it’s true that we likely won’t be able to sustain it indefinitely — and that’s okay. We aren’t machines.

We just need it when it matters most.

Building an Invincible Mindset, requires assiduity — a keen level of attention and presence with the task at hand. Without it our minds would wander and worry, and ultimately have us put our energy into the wrong things, or at least not the things that will yield 80% of the results.

Without presence, we lose the ability to connect with our work and we end up squandering our energy on the trivial details. (I’ve certainly been here)

Tuning into the rhythm of our breath is the easiest way to become present. Slow, deep inhales followed by a hastened exhale helps ease mental anxiety and allows us to make the connection between mind, body and soul.

When all three are in alignment — we are perfectly present.