A Happy New Year: The Polymath Guarantee

I know a happy new year is what we all are longing for. With all of the turbulent twists and turns of 2020, 2021 may be the most anticipated new year in recent history. 

With that being said, many traditions will remain the same. Yes, epic New Year’s Eve parties may have to hold on for one more year, but New Year’s resolutions are still an annual ritual for many of us. 

Have you created resolutions in the past, only to slowly flake out throughout the year or not start at all? This is not us calling you out — we’re just as guilty. What’s more, we’re here to tell you that the demise of these bygone plans maybe wasn’t entirely your fault! The old model of making New Year’s resolutions is missing some pretty important factors — this becomes crystal clear when you start using the Polymath Planner. 

You Want It, You’ve Got It

New Year’s Resolutions are great ideas with poor execution strategies. If you’re hellbent on keeping up with your new goals, the GREAT news is you’ve already done the hard part! You have the motivation to want to change. 

The Polymath Planner can step in and change your life at any time of the year; however, starting off 2021 with the Polymath Planner is an especially brilliant idea. Here are a few reasons why using The Polymath Planner goes lightyears beyond just making a pact to yourself.

Learn as You Go

Iterative development is a key principle of the Polymath Planner, and polymathy in general. Essentially, it’s about measuring the growth of habits and skills over time, as well as what affects or hinders this growth. What does this mean for you and your resolution? The pressure doesn’t fall completely on you and your self-will. 

It’s easy to be overcome by self-deprecating beliefs. However, if you’re blaming your inability to get to the gym on your lack of willpower or poor character, we suggest you quit that thinking. Motivation is a mysterious force; one that has little to do with how good or capable of a person you are. By understanding what makes you feel more motivated and when, or vice versa, you can start implementing better systems in your life. 

Review and Reflect

Getting in the right headspace rarely just happens; it takes scrutiny to honestly observe the patterns that aren’t working in your life. Through its variety of cohesive elements, the Polymath Planner shines a light on these patterns, thus allowing you to make positive changes to your schedule, outlook, and overall way of being.

The Planner creates plenty of space to review and reflect. Its “Weekly Review” section gives users the opportunity to get a look at how their week went in very concrete ways. Going into the week, users are suggested to fill out their “Weekly Game Plan,” complete with space for writing down weekly goals, monthly goals, and habits to track. When the week comes to a close, this review serves as a way to see what worked and what needs tweaking.

This system is also fantastic at exposing way-too-lofty goals. If you find yourself feeling disappointed at the end of the week, all this means is that you need to dial back! When we’re excited about meeting our goals, we tend to go overboard. The Weekly Review lets you know what’s realistically possible.

Evolution and Awareness

One very problematic thing about New Year’s resolutions is that they aren’t very flexible. As seen in the aforementioned points, how you approach your goals can and should be modified. Through this point, we’ll take it one step further. 

Through iterative development and deep reflection, The Polymath Planner shows you that sometimes our aspirations don’t follow the straight and narrow. Now, before you throw in the towel, know that this isn’t the case with everyone and every goal, nor is it a reason to stay away from this way of thinking. In actuality, the simple awareness of knowing that you’re an evolving human can be quite the useful gift.

Accepting this undeniable fact is more helpful than harmful, because it allows you to be more open to possibilities and kinder towards yourself. This perspective is the opposite of giving up; it allows magic, inspiration, connection, and success to head your way. Who knows — by allowing your goals to evolve organically, you may be opening doors to bigger, better, and brighter opportunities for yourself! 

By constantly looking at and reminding yourself of your goals, you may welcome evolution; but that doesn’t mean you’ll lose sight of your original plan or the reasons why you aim to change.

The Best Year Yet

Go ahead, get optimistic! With The Polymath Planner, you can look forward to your best year yet. Through features like its Weekly Review, Habit Tracker, prompt questions, and more, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your New Year’s resolution better than you ever have before. That’s one perfectly polymath way to ring in 2021. 🎉