For Joseph Lindley, the Polymath Planner Has Been a Much Appreciated Plot Twist

Crushing your dreams isn’t always peaches and moonbeams. Sometimes you need to take a break to get inspired! One of the great things about valuing community (one of our favorite topics) is learning from and getting jazzed up by the success stories of other people. 

In this blog, we’re excited to feature Joseph Lindley, one of our Polymath Planner customers. Since March 2020, Lindley has experienced an exciting turn of events — thanks to the power of polymathy! Keep reading to see how the planner helped him hit refresh, and grab some inspiration for yourself along the way! Lindley made magic happen with the help of The Polymath Planner — so can you. 😊

Drumroll Please.. Introducing Joseph Lindley!

Give a warm welcome to Joseph Lindley, the focus of this polymathy success story. Through using The Polymath Planner, Lindley was able to prove to himself and others that a creative lifestyle can absolutely be practical and possible. 

A self-professed longtime creative, Lindley found a passion for videography in 2015. However, the pursuit of this endeavor didn’t come immediately; he spent years of learning to balance structure around work, lifestyle, and pursuing professional dreams.

Lindley found the planner in March 2020; a discovery that followed a season of disorganization. Although the structure within college works for many, he found that his college experience hindered the systems and tools he already had in place. This experience took him off the tracks of a self-tailored system of organization, thus killing his creativity. 

He knew he had to find a way to get back on course and stay true to accomplishing his goals. By utilizing The Polymath Planner, Lindley was able to take a good look at his aspirations and current pathways towards them, allowing him to reverse engineer a structure that led him to success. 

Shifting into Polymathy

For Lindley, The Polymath Planner took some getting used to  — he found himself using the planner occasionally within the first few months. After some time using the planner intermittently, he arrived on a month-long period of time in which he went all-in on the process. When this shift occurred, that’s when the real change happened. 😌 By keeping track of plans daily and celebrating the wins along the way, Lindley was able to start reaping huge benefits. 

Accountability and potential are two of the greatest gifts that Joseph has earned from using The Polymath Planner. The log has taught him to make reasonable daily plans the night before, causing him to be accountable when it’s time to get in the game. 

On the other side of that coin, The Polymath Planner also teaches the lesson that it’s okay to make edits. Through using the planner, he has gained a better idea of what’s realistically achievable within the course of a day, week, and month. 

By understanding what’s within reach, Lindley has been able to tap into his truest potential. Within this short time of using the planner, he has filed for LLC for both of his businesses, and has additionally launched his lifestyle brand. He is seeing effective results in all of these endeavors. 

Let us add in a quick note; it’s completely normal for The Polymath Planner to take some getting used to! Don’t beat yourself up —old habits die hard. When changing around the habits, patterns, and structures within your life, it can be helpful to allow some room for a learning curve. 

Check out Lindley's business instagram here.

Polymathy in the New Renaissance 

Joseph Lindley believes that “gratitude is the key to success.” By achieving a work structure that works for him, he has gained a sunny outlook on life’s possibilities. 

Lindley’s perspective has also changed in how he views his quest for happiness. Through these big life changes, he has found that constant happiness is not the prize of life; nor is it sustainable. 

Fulfillment is his new buzzword — the concept that keeps him on track when he’s on his grind. Following a path of fulfillment is what keeps the momentum going through tough days, great days, and the rest in between. By passionately following his purpose and diligently tapping into his potential, positive results have come through in spades. 

According to Lindley, polymathy is totally making a comeback. We support this sentiment; with all of the non-conventional changes that 2020 has brought, creativity in both path and purpose is becoming more warmly embraced than it has been in a long time. 

“The Polymath Planner made me believe that my EXTREME goals are actually achievable,” says Lindley. “This has been a year of gratitude and abundance. I have been very grateful.” 

Pave a Way That Works forYou

For those following a creative path, the typical “shoulds” surrounding profession and work lifestyle can often feel threatening or unmanageable. Our society doesn’t always offer a lot of room for perspective in this category; however, we at The Polymath Planner believe that success lies in what makes us different. 

Paving unique paths allows us to contribute wholly and authentically. Polymathy and creativity are so aligned; this method of learning and evolving empowers the creative.