About Us

"I made Polymath for people like us."

Very early on, I realized that I could not keep multiple ideas in my head at once. It was seemingly impossible - mental math was a struggle and memorization was unintuitive.

Eventually I reached a breaking point during my senior year of high school. I had way too many tasks to accomplish and things started to slip through the cracks.
It was vitally important that I allocate my time appropriately and evaluate my progress towards my goals. My future was at stake.

In a few months, I developed a productivity tool that fundamentally shifted my perspective on life. Within 5 years, I had developed a system that super charged my productivity. I went from a scatter-brained busy worker to an intentional, hyper-focused polymath.

I didn’t make this productivity system for people that felt that they were doing enough. I made this system for people who knew that they could be better. I made Polymath for people like us.

Ranjit Marathay