Meditation: Why Taking Pause is Essential in These Upcoming Months

As we make our way from fall to winter, a lot starts happening real quick. The upcoming months are jam-packed with holidays and celebratory occasions, which will inevitably turn things up a notch from the sleepy summer and early fall we’ve just experienced. 

There’s plenty to look forward to, and for many of us that means time with family and other luxuries we’ve had to defer. Sure, these festivities are fun, but sometimes extra excitement creates added stress. Do you have a game plan for how you’ll decompress?

In this blog, we’ll build upon our introduction into meditation, outlining why this practice is especially handy during the fast-paced season ahead.  

BEWARE: Stress Can Be Sneaky

Winter is known for bringing especially joyous moments. Fun times are ahead! With that being said, any kind of overexerted emotion can easily send us into a tizzy. 

If you’re planning on being more active or social than you’re used to, know that changes in pace and atmosphere can cause stress to creep in. You may be seeing family members you haven’t seen in awhile, or meeting new people altogether. Unfamiliar interactions can be overwhelming, and may quickly drain your energy. 

By implementing meditation on a regular basis, you can stay on top of stress instead of it showing up and surprising you. Basically, meditation shows this bully who’s boss before it can get to you. 

Catch a Break Before You Catch the Winter Blues

Not to be a buzzkill, but this time of year is also famous for throwing curveballs and adding on pressure. As we settle into the end of 2020, you’ll likely experience pivotal moments at your job, brought on by completing final projects, working towards bonuses, revamping for the year ahead, and more. 

To add, the financial pressure ison.Holidays and celebrations usually cost money — more than we're used to spending during the rest of the year. Even if these costs are 100-percent worth it, they can still sting — especially if you’re in a tough spot. Cue the winter woes!

Luckily, meditation won’t drain your bank account. 😎🙏🏾 All you need is a little peace and quiet to create your own mini-getaway. Take the time and space you need to acknowledge the impact of the pressure you feel —trust us, you can afford it. 

Got a Minute?

We can’t stress this enough — meditation is so easy, so accessible, and so helpful. So, if you’re tentative about taking up this practice, we’re going to guess that you’re hyping it up more than you have to.

Yes, some people meditate for hours at a time. Good for them! This is by no means a standard you need to uphold. 

If you can spare five minutes a day, you can meditate. 

There’s no Meditation Olympics” — having skill in it or knowledge of it is NOT the point. It’s about giving yourself the gift of relief! And yes, just five minutes a day can make a HUGE difference in your life. Do yourself a favor by testing this theory. 😉

Find Comfort and Consistency in Routine

Although anxiety can appear in all kinds of ways for many different reasons, it loves to show up where there’s a lack of consistency. If you’re missing order in your life, you’re probably going to feel the effects. 

In a basic sense,routines are necessary for keeping us on track. With that being said, they do so much more than just take us from Point A to Point B. 

Having a solid routine is empowering. Living within an organized flow allows you to use your time efficiently and gain a better understanding of your life’s working parts. 

Most importantly, routines provide a semblance of comfort through the consistency they provide. Humans like to know what’s coming next; during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you’ll be happy to settle into some structure. 

Structure isn’t as scary as it sounds — by implementing healthy habits, you’ll create a system that doesn’t feel like a prison sentence. If you make meditation part of your day-to-day, you’ll find yourself looking forward to it and the benefits it provides. 

A Practice in Openness

On the flipside of consistency, meditation can also help you deal with uncertainty. 

If you’re new to meditation, it may feel weird and uncomfortable for the first few times. Commonly, beginners will feel fidgety, spacey, or awkward. If you can relate, don’t sweat it — it’s called a practice for a reason! These feelings are associated with the feeling of relinquishing control. Yeah, not everyone’s favorite. 

In part, meditation is about allowing nothingness.We spend the great majority of our days planning to avoid uncertainty — when you think of it this way, it’s no wonder that stillness feels uncomfortable. 

Here’s the great news! By sticking with it, you’ll learn to enjoy these quiet opportunities to just be

You know what’s pretty awe-inspiring and powerful? Proving to yourself that the world doesn’t fall apart when you stop trying to control it. 

Meditation is a practice of being open and unafraid of the things outside of our control. So, if you find yourself navigating unfamiliar scenarios or new stressors this season, get cozy with this simple yet powerful tool. 😊

Make the Most of the Months Ahead

Whatever your plans are in the upcoming months, we have no doubts that meditation can help to ground you. No matter what kind of stress, joy, or change you experience, this calming practice will always have your back. There’s no better time than now to implement it. 

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