Listen Up! Polymath is Launching a Podcast and YouTube Channel

We have some exciting news to share! Polymath is bringing on its very own podcast and YouTube channel. 🤩 

The Polymath Podcast and Youtube Channel will feature interesting and incredibly useful episodes on all kinds of educational topics. The podcast will take a more conversational tone; whereas, the YouTube videos will be a little more informational. Through these platforms, we invite viewers to expand their knowledge base, tune into rousing conversations, and get inspired about new interests and trades. This launch totally lines up with the polymath philosophy by promoting new, creative methods of self-education in a specialized way.

Expanding Beyond the Polymath Planner

By definition, a polymath is someone who possesses a knowledge base that spans across a number of disciplines. In order to develop that kind of diverse expertise, polymaths need to broaden their horizons and step outside their comfort zones. So, how does one do that? By exploring new skills and interests! 

The Polymath Podcast and Youtube Channel will conduct interviews with individuals who are experts in their specific fields. By sharing their highly specialized knowledge, viewers will be able to learn the tenets of what made each interviewee particularly successful. 

In short, the podcast will provide resources for people who want to be successful in specific areas BY introducing people that are already successful within them. Sounds highly beneficial, doesn’t it?  

One thing to make clear — our interviewees are not necessarily polymaths. However, by sharing their in-depth knowledge on specific topics, those tuning in can gain a deeper understanding of the topics being discussed. 

Explore a platform that allows you to take away key concepts from highly successful people who already have obtained an in-depth understanding of a specific craft. 

Whether you’re investing in your future, trying to educate yourself, or just curious, the offerings on these platforms will peak your interest and provide value throughout your specific journey.

Parts of a Whole

Building off the inspiration of the Polymath Planner, our brand-new podcast and YouTube channel is meant to enhance our members’ experiences as a whole. These virtual platforms provide out-of-the-box perspectives on what it means to be successful. 

In addition, there’s something to be said about learning through varied approaches. Polymathy is all for actively engaging with the world. By exploring new avenues and modes of learning, polymaths facilitate a better understanding of what it is they’re studying or interested in. By immersing yourself in different kinds of resources, you’re bound to feel inspired! The more you expose yourself to learning, the more fun and natural it will become. 

What’s more, these resources will provide viewers with plenty of real-life perspective. 

These episodes will all vary in content; however one message rings true throughout; all kinds of peopleare thrivingeveryday in all kinds of ways. Take a look around your community, both local and online, and you’ll see that there’s room foryou to pursue YOUR unique passions.

The Polymath Toolbox

There’s a specific reason why we’re focusing on specialized knowledge. These informational programs are meant to serve as building blocks to add to your overall knowledge base. Not sure what we’re talking about? Try employing the metaphor of “The Polymath Toolbox.” 

Polymaths build their diverse knowledge base by acquiring information on and experience within a variety of different areas. The goal here isnotto become an expert on everything — that’s wayyy too tall of an order! Instead, it’s most beneficial to collect cohesive and condensed summaries. We encourage you to see these summaries as tools to add to your polymath toolbox; they are files of information that are there for you when it’s useful to lean on them. 

It’s also valuable to understand an expert’s relation to and application of their field of expertise. By understanding how they make sense of their studies, you’ll be better equipped to know how and when to put these tools to use within your everyday life! 

Interviewees will also be given their own Polymath Planner and asked to share their experience with it. If you’re just starting out with the Polymath Planner or would like inspiration on how to align it with your everyday life, this portion promises to give great insight!

Curiosity, Education, and Inspiration

In your process of becoming a polymath (or any intellectual journey,)youget to decide what you want to focus on. The aforementioned features of the podcast and YouTube channel will spark curiosity, promote education, and provide inspiration to you as you walk this path. 😊 Here’s how!

  1. They’ll help you to get curious by exploring the world through other people’s passions.
    Curiosity leads to following new avenues — you never know where your interests may take you next!
  2. These new platforms provide amazingly easy opportunities for self-education.
    Through these brief yet informative programs, you can learn something new every day.
  3. Inspiration is key to motivation!
    What’s more, you never know what you might be inspired by. Whether it be our chosen experts or the topics themselves, this series will help you to imagine and pursue your goals.

Make Way for More Content!

We can’t wait to present you with this exciting new content in the very new future! The Polymath Planner expects to launch mid-November, with Gen Kimura as our first interviewee. In this episode, we’ll aptly discuss how the Polymath Planner got started. We’ll keep the rest under wraps for now — we don’t want to spoil the surprise! 

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We can’t wait to show you what we have in store. Talk soon!