Community: How to Gain Support + Gather Resources Through Others

Our humble opinion — you need help. But hey, so does everyone else! We may be individuals first and foremost; however, each and every one of us depends on interaction with others. This is necessary for pure survival alone — community exists for a reason. If you’d like to go beyond surviving and into the territory of thriving, this point is especially pertinent. 

In order to be a well-rounded individual, you need support! In this article, we’ll take you through the varied expressions of “support,” as well as the rewards that can be gained from it. 

Find Your Why Through Others

Are you in the headspace of finding out what is intrinsically important to you? If so, you may be wondering what community has to do with such personal pondering. Here’s why others areintegralto finding your why!

Back in July, we wrote on the topic of How to Find your Why. This resource outlines the ways in which one can get clear on their purpose in life and start to pursue their dreams. Now, we’re here to discuss the importance of building a community. 

The summary?Community is a source of expansion. 

Form new pathways, both neurologically and IRL (in real life)! In order to facilitate exploration and discovery in your life, it’sbeyondhelpful to observe and experience how others are doing so in theirs. 

Meet new people and learn from them. This is the concept of networking at its core; however, you don’t need to attend a pricey conference to reap the benefits of this business tip. You can find connection with and inspiration through anyone and everyone! 

Step outside the box. Pick and choose your role models. Hone your skills with the help and expertise of others. 

Whether you’re starting to find your purpose or you’ve been in the pursuit of it, the story remains the same; interacting with others opens doors, both literally and consciously. 

The Perks of Being Social

As uncomfortable as it may be, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Needing assistance and guidance doesn’t make you weak — in fact, it’s simply a law of human nature. 

The most successful people aren’t afraid to ask for help. So, if fear of judgment is what’s keeping you from living out your dreams, take a second to think about how silly that is. Instead of staying shy, get savvy — your community is a powerful and free resource to you

Here are just a few perks that can be gained from expanding and diversifying your social circle:

  • Opportunity 
  • Inspiration
  • Emotional support
  • Fellowship
  • Gained perspective
  • New interests
  • Affordable assistance
  • Collaboration 
  • The ability to allocate tasks

Proving Productivity is NOT the Point

Becoming successful in whatever you choose has very little to do with pride. Decide where you want to be, and use the tools that are presented to you to get there. If you’re hung up on going it alone, it’ll take alongtime for you to get to the top. 

Your prized characteristic of self-sufficiency may cause you more harm than good. Yea, it may help you to survive in extreme life-threatening situations, but that’s not really the reality for most of us on a daily basis. Remember, we’re talking about THRIVING here. 

Evenwhen faced with dangerous predicaments, this is not how we’re supposed to operate as a society! If you’re feeling the pressure, it’s probably because you have very justified doubts about what you can take on. Pay attention to those feelings — they might be valid! Go forth and conquer, but not with the sacrifice of your wellbeing. This is where the community comes in.

Here are some ways to gain connection and support:
  • Join local groups, workshops, or meet-ups that allow you to meet people outside of your social circle.
  • Hang out regularly at places that are centric to your passions and pursuits.
  • Use social media as a way to be vocal and honest about what you’re trying to achieve, as well as what you need to get there.
  • Use your words. Ask for help openly. Reach out to people who inspire you.

Community is a Well-Oiled Machine

When operating from a healthy place, a nurturing community can be pretty darn utopic. 

A community is essentially a sum of its parts. The magic lies in the variation of these parts, not necessarily their likeness. Everyone is born with their own interests and inclinations towards whatever paths they choose to take. Gather a group of talented and capable individuals together (i.e. whomever), and the result is a living and breathing pool of valuable resources.

You’re going to have days when you’re not on your best game. In those instances, it’s important to have others you can lean on in a variety of different ways. Let the people within your community pick up the slack or spark a thought for you — you can get them back when you’re feeling fresh! 

Are you in the process of shaping your community? Here are some filters to consider when building a network of supporters, friends, business partners, and/or confidants:

  • Identify your core values first, and be intentional about who you let into your life. 
  • Spend your time and energy on people who have the bandwidth and motivation to do so in return. 
  • Get together with people who value growth just as much as you do and can keep up with your pace! 
  • Direct and honest communication is a gamechanger. Surround yourself with people who can also cut out the nonsense, and aren’t afraid to discuss expectations.
  • Feeling empowered is quite possiblythebest source of motivation. Get yourself a crew that lifts you up. 

Let Your Guard Down, and Get Ready to Grow

If you want to grow, you need to go outside of yourself. Let your guard down, and explore life’s possibilities through other people.

Community and social interaction really are gifts that continue to give. These resources are infinite in their existence, so why lock yourself up in isolation? Let your guard down, and help yourself to what’s around you. 

Remember — when it comes to being a polymath, perfection isn’t part of the rules. By garnering curiosity, focusing on strategic development, and being your ever-evolving human self, you can go farther than you currently know.