Make the Most of Your College Experience with This Planner

August marks the start of fall semester, and this semester will be — undoubtedly — different from all the others. 

Whether you’re just starting your degree, going back to school to finish your studies, or simply just taking a course to stay stimulated, you need a roadmap that will help you absorb as much as you possibly can, and in the most efficient way. When you sign up to become a student, you likely fall into another category as well.

You may be a… 



All of these titles help define how you go about your day to day life. This planner,The Polymath Planner, uses such a unique structure that is bound to help you make the most of your college career.

The best part? This planner is not only going to help you in your studies, but in all aspects of your life. It will serve as your coach as you work through online or in-person courses, but it will also serve as a powerful aid for gaining self-awareness and creating future goals.

No matter what your thoughts on going back to school are, we urge you to see it as the opportunity it is! Your studies, social life, and personal growth can absolutely flourish in this type of setting if you decide to run with it. 

Take advantage of this time in your life; like all other beautiful and transformative experiences, it’s fleeting.  

The front cover of the Polymath planners in black and white

Carpe Diem,Polymath 

Back-to-school time is the best time to reset your routine. What kind of year do you want to have? See this upcoming Fall semester not as a return, but rather a fresh start. You have the power to transform your college experience!

The Polymath Planner is all about progress over perfection. Any seasoned polymath will tell you that failure is one of the greatest gifts we receive in this lifetime. In order to become our best selves, we need to embrace our missteps and learn from them. 

Through using the Polymath Planner, you’ll be able to consistently identify and reflect on what stands in the way of you and your goals. Whether you’re trying to improve upon last year or excel to new heights this year, the Polymath Planner will help you understand how to get to where you’re going. 

The College Planner Unlike Any Other

If you’ve never used the Polymath Planner before, you may be wondering how it’s any different from planners you’ve used in the past. 

In short, the Polymath Planner allows you to look at the grand scheme of things. While other planners essentially create a place to scribble down to-do lists, the Polymath Planner allows you to chart and evaluate your progress from a mindful point of view. The Polymath Planner actually helps you plan your future and gives you the tools to do so. With this planner, you are given the space to map out your days just like you can with any other planner, but the additional steps and reflection questions woven throughout the planner are what makes it unlike any other. 

As we like to say, you’re about to get reaaaal intentional with your life. 

The Framework of The Polymath Planner

This planner is broken up into several sections. Of these sections, the time log is a great place to start. It allows you to write down your to-do’s in accordance to when you’re going to do them. This could include anything from your class schedule, to homework assignments, to when you brush your teeth. There’s enough space to include your most important and menial tasks. 

It also includes designated areas to jot down your goals, values, and what you're grateful for on a daily basis. The repetitive nature of these sections hones in on one of the polymath philosophy’s core systems; consistency. 

Another fun and unique aspect of the Polymath Planner is its thoughtful daily prompts. These questions are simple and effortless to answer, but meaningful all the same. They encourage you to slow down and get self-aware in matters beyond your studies. This awareness will in turn make you a stronger student AND individual as a whole. Your thoughts are your superpower.

At the end of each week awaits a Weekly Review. This section gives you an opportunity to work oniterative development. To put it simply, iterative development is the process of analyzing past approaches and outcomes as a way to improve upon future approaches and outcomes. Yeah — pretty easy, and also pretty darn helpful.

On the flip side of this page is your Weekly Game Plan, where you get to map out how you’re going to take the next week by storm.It’s the polymath way and you’re going to crush it at life once you start leveraging this way of planning. 

Founder of The Polymath Planner, Ranjit Marathay


Why are we so confident in this productivity planner? Well, here comes a spoiler alert

It’s because the Polymath Planner was made for college — literally.

This log was created by our founder in his sophomore year as a way to get the most out of his college experience. He discovered that in order to become a better learner, grow as a person, AND ace the studies, you have to be teachable in all areas of your life. 

Now living the polymath lifestyle fully and completely, it’s clear that he was onto something then. Don’t you want to do the same?

The Polymath Planner is ready to serve as your reminder of something real important. This ride you’re on isn’t only about getting good grades — it’s about setting yourself up to be the best in your future. 

Grab your planner for August here.