Polymath Planner

The Polymath Planner is a 35-day, minimalistic mental health tool, disguised as a productivity planner, geared towards creating lasting change in your day-to-day habits and behaviors.

You might be here right now because you are tired of feeling overwhelmed, you are tired of feeling like life is happening to you, and you are in search of a tool that will help you get that edge.

Your search is over.

The Polymath Planner has been designed to vanquish internal chaos and give you that edge.

In recent years, a growing trend has emerged: escapism. With our phones so accessible, it is very easy for us to escape from reality and dive into a curated fantasy.

It sometimes gets to the point where our tools use us instead of us using our tools. How do we stop and reverse this trend? By returning to a medium, free of distraction: paper.

The Polymath Planner has been designed to vanquish internal chaos, by staying true to our Less is More approach to design.

Made and designed in Austin, Texas.

    • 35 days
    • 6.1” x 8.5”
    • 10.4 ounces
  • There are several sections to the Polymath Planner and each section correlates to a part of the Polymath Philosophy. We will start from the top:

    The Monthly Spread has two sections to it.

    The first is a page with several prompts which try to identify your intentions for the month, which goals you plan to work towards, and how both fit into your larger purpose.

    The second is a calendar where you can mark exactly where you expect yourself to be at different points during the month.

    This isn’t a way to look down on ourselves if we didn’t hit our target, it is just a tool we use to keep track of our pace. This way we can more accurately determine our capacity in the future.

    The Weekly Game Plan is everyone’s favorite section! Here you are asked which 5 specific things are you going to tackle this week and how you can best manage your energy during the week to see them through to the end.

    A part of the Weekly Game Plan is the Weekly Schedule where you can keep track of specific events and deadlines that you need to plan around.

    Of course, having a Weekly Game Plan without also having a Weekly Review would be futile! So naturally, we have one of those as well.

    In this section, we have several prompts that gauge your happiness, challenge yourself, and prompt you to show gratitude for all the good (and bad) that happened that week.

    Now comes the bread and butter of the Polymath Planner, the Daily Log. This section contains a time log allowing you to time box certain activities, tasks, and events to ensure you still have time for yourself!

    We encourage everyone to set one (that’s right just one) priority for the day, which stays true to our less is more approach to design and life. :)

    At the bottom of every section, we have a unique reflection prompt that challenges you to really think and dive deep into your patterns of decision-making and behaviors.
  • Why We Exist

    Through my personal experience, I’ve realized that there really aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all we set out to do, and that modern society has us choose between our mental health, fulfilling lives, and personal economic prosperity.

    We exist because we shouldn’t have to make the choice to have one over the others, but rather the only choice we should make is if we are willing to do what it takes to appropriately use our energy, time, and leverage to attain these ideals for ourselves.

    Why This Product Must Exist

    The Polymath Planner must exist because we see it as the most effective way to create a profound mental shift in our culture. The intention of writing connects mind and body.

    We believe that this connection is more impactful than simply typing out your goals and intentions. The minimalistic approach to goal setting and planning.

Monthly Spread

Create progress markers and targets for your goals

Set realistic goals and execute on your plan

Learn more about your positive and negative tendencies

The Day Log

Gain insight into your subconscious with pointed reflection prompts.

Create a routine to feed your innate creativity and purpose.

Synchronize your emotional, physical, and mental health.

Understand your habits, routine, and decision-making.

Weekly Game Plan

Set a clear intentions for the week to execute on.

Track your habits and optimize your schedule.

Designed for you to act in iterations. Practice makes perfect.

Weekly Review

Shines a light on your blind spots and encourages you to face them.

Challenges you to be grateful for even the smallest things.

Pushes you to improve your mindset and grounds you in reality.

Why the Polymath Planner Exists.

You know that anxious you get when your life is not put together? That was me in college. I felt things were falling through the cracks and with everything I had going on things were really overwhelming.

I created the Polymath Planner to solve this problem.

It has helped me...

• Reduce my stress
• Get 1% better every day
• Get clarity on my goals.
• Take time for self-care (its so important!)

Ranjit Marathay
Founder, Polymath

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