Your Thoughts are Your Superpower: Find Out Why

We’re here to let you in on a lesser-known secret to success. This hack costs zero dollars, and can be implemented anywhere, at any time. It also requires no more effort than what you’re already putting into your life. What could it be?

If the header didn’t already give it away... the secret advantage we’re alluding to is the power of your own thoughts. What you “need” to go forth and prosper already lives within you. So, are you ready to use this innate superpower to manifest the life of your dreams? 


How do you choose to go through life? As humans, we don’t have control over what kind of pain, stress, or catastrophe we experience. What we do have control over is how we react to our experiences. Grieving and giving weight to real feelings is a healthy and necessary part of life; however, staying in pain only perpetuates it. 

Does it seem like a tall order to instantly switch from constant negative chatter to pure joy and bliss all the time? Um yeah, duh. We would agree to that. In fact, therein lies the key step to permanently shifting your perspective — you don’t have to believe all of your “chosen” thoughts right away.

Changing your thoughts to better serve you is a process that won’t come naturally at first. It takes practice, and can even seem counterintuitive at times. With that said, putting forth a little effort to think about your reality in new ways will ultimately create a snowball effect. 

Thoughts become reality, and the more you witness this happening in your own life, the more you’ll believe in your power over them. In order to access this superpower, a little trust is required. 

You Will Always Find What You’re Looking For

Your thoughts not only affect how you feel — they’ll also affect how you show up in the world, as well as how the world shows up for you.

Think of thoughts as a jumping off point for all of your experiences that lie ahead. Your thoughts inevitably affect how you feel about yourself, other people, and your current reality, right? If so, that means your thoughts also shape how you respond to and treat yourself, other people, and your current reality. This pivotal moment applies action, allowing your thoughts to truly enter your reality. 

Furthermore, if you dwell on resentments or experiences that have hurt you in the past, you won’t be able to see beyond them. 

We all know the phrase… Misery loves company.
There is no denying the truth to that. 

Look for misery, and you’ll miss the opportunities for joy that are right in front of you. Conversely, if you get afterlife expecting good fortune, you’ll be able to spot it when it comes looking for you. 

Virgina Woolf

It’s not about having bad luck — it’s about having a bad mindset. 

Who do you think lives a more fulfilled life; the person who imparts positivity on others and their surroundings, or the person who withdraws from and judges the world around them? When you look at it this way, the answer to the age-old question of happiness seems pretty obvious. And that’s because it is!

Less Negative Self-Talk leads to More Positive Manifestation

We’ve talked about how your thoughts become your feelings, actions, and destiny. In addition to these pretty substantial impacts, they also affect you physically. 

In the grand scheme of life, your health has to come first. If you’re not in a good place physically, none of these aforementioned shifts are possible. 

Let’s clear the air on negative self-talk — we’re all guilty of it. Although it may be an all-too-natural occurrence, it’s not doing us any favors.. Negative self-talkdirectly translates to stress, and any doctor will confirm that stress severely impacts physical health. To put it simply, what you think about yourself will directly show up and show out in your body. 

In order to get a handle on your mental, emotional, andphysical health, you’ll need to get to work on changing your internal dialogue. This seems daunting but the results are totally worth it, and possibly even critical. 

How you feel physically ultimately affects how you show up physically. This reigns true for your mentality, too. If you decide to tackle these two areas, you’ll be amazed with the power that is within you. You’ll be living out the life you deserve rather than wishing for it. 

What Were You Thinking?!

It’s important to note that our negative thoughts are not necessarily reflections of our character, values, or capabilities. 

We “gather our thoughts” from a lot of different sources, many of which have our deep-rooted trust. On a fundamental level, our parents, peers, and societal norms have shaped the basis of our thoughts. On a day-to-day basis, our thoughts are formed by the information we consume through books, music, media, and more. 

To gain more control over your thoughts, be awareandcontrol what you consume.

You may not be able to reverse lifelong patterns of thinking through sheer willpower; however, you can be aware of your thoughts by considering their roots and why they exist. By gaining awareness of your thoughts, you can then choose whether you want to hang onto them or not. 

In addition, the best way to fill your mind with the right thoughts is through constant exposure.  Choosing to mainly consume information that’s positive and aligned with your goals will absolutely change your life. By doing so, you’ll encourage your brain to travel down new and powerful pathways. 

Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It

Okay, okay.. we know it sounds a little cheesy. But in all seriousness — there’s a lot of truth to this poster-worthy quote. If youbelievethat your life is lacking in rich possibilities and opportunities, then there’s a good chance you’ll create that reality for yourself. But, if you get clear onwhatyou want to achieve andtrust your ability to do so, you’ll feel confident in seeing and following the arrows that lead you there. 

Friendly reminder —gaining control of your thoughts is a gradual practice that requires patience and effort. Lean on the Polymath Planner while continuing to educate yourself, and you’ll grow into the headspace that allows you to be your best self.

The power lives inyou.