Return to Normal Without Fitting the Norm: You Need This Planner

With quarantine requirements starting to lift, most people are excited to get back to their old routines. But what if going back to normal means going back to a job you hate or a lifestyle you’reso over? If you’re dreading the return to normalcy,know that you don’t have to fit the norm anymore. It’s time to break the cycle - now is your chance!

You’ve made it to this article, which means you already have the drive and desire; now, you just need the tools. Well, friend, good news - the Polymath Planner is your ticket to a new reality. If you’re unhappy with where you’re at, it’s time for a fresh take on the functions of your everyday. 

The Polymath Planner

There’s No Time Like the Present...

Have you ever heard the phrase “there’s no time like the present to make a change?” Well, now is the time to start taking it seriously. To state the obvious, our world has just been rocked.Everyone you know and their momis going through a life-changing, transformative experience. The time to make a change isnow. In fact, change is already happening, everywhere and anywhere - whether you like it or not. Just the facts. 🤷

Despite it all, you have the opportunity to come out of quarantine stronger than ever. Get a head start now by discovering systems and practices that will change your life for the better. When it’s time to make the move back to “normal,” you’ll already be feeling accustomed to your routine. 

Change Your Every Day with the Polymath Planner

Changing your every day doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it sounds. Welcoming a new lifestyle isn’t about stepping out of your old one naked and afraid. In actuality, it’s about fine-tuning the details of your life that are often overlooked.  With the Polymath Planner, you’ll learn how to upgrade thelife you already have in a few simple steps. 

You have what it takes to cut mediocrity out of your routine. All you have to do is bewilling.If you’re considering the Polymath Planner, then you’re already halfway there.

Becoming a polymath is about instilling practices. It starts with baby steps. The Polymath Planner will lead you through a system of practices while integrating new ones along the way. 

These steps are set in three main practices:
  1. Tracking your time
  2. Figuring out where you lack fulfillment
  3. Understanding how you can make your time more fulfilling
Planning this out doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact, it shouldn’t be. This planner will serve as your trusted guide to living your best life. Think of it as your very own Mr. Miyagi. (Karate Kid, anyone?)

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The steadfast structure and easy navigation of this log will lead the way clearly and concisely. Living the lifestyle of a polymath is easier than ever with a clearly guided plan.

If it isn’t obvious yet… YouNEED This Planner.

The Polymath Planner isn’t about changing who you are, it’s about utilizing the greatness that you already have. We’re experiencing a shift to abnormality through COVID-19 and it’s left some curiosity within us all. What are you allowed/supposed to do when you have nothing or no one telling youwhat to do?

You don’t have to stay stuck in the same, unintentional routines and ignore your curiosity.  

If you don't want to be a slave to your 9 to 5, then don't be! You're allowed to have much bigger plans for your life. Modern society has made “living around the clock” seem so unfortunate and miserable. Having a schedule isn't a bad thing if it's made onyour terms. When you find yourself intentionally living, you find freedom.You don’t have to answer to anything or anyone.Your life is lived by your design.

That is the farthest thing from unfortunate. 

A young man flipping through his weekly game plan page in the Polymath Planner

Now is your chance to change your life, and you can do so through the use of willful systems and principles. Why wouldn’t you want to take that chance? After all,there’s no time like the present.

What is The Polymath Planner? 

A guidebook to accelerate your journey towards a new and improved reality. 
  • Tangible, visual aid
  • Allows for reflection and editing
  • Tracks your progress easily and efficiently
  • Clarifies the “20-percent” that will bring you 80-percent of the results
  • Helps you form a clear game plan
Are you someone who identifies as a polymath or is currently satisfied with their level of success? If so, you can choose to thrive by utilizing the polymath planner. 
  • Versatile structure 
  • Helps you stay on track
  • Allows you to form new goals
  • Keeps you in tune with your values and self-care