Becoming a Polymath: Identity Starts with Lifestyle

Let’s just reiterate right off the bat that anyone can become a polymath. We like to think of our polymath nature as a way of living rather than something you have or don’t have. It’s a way to explain how you operate. It’s a belief that you can embrace anything and everything that interests you and excites you. 

Ultimately, becoming a polymath is an opportunity to find your identity and purpose. Your life’s work should be dedicated to what matters to you and what enriches your experiences.Do you want to look back on your life feeling confident that you seized every moment? By embracing the polymath lifestyle, you’ll embrace that curiosity. 

It’s not in the “becoming” that builds your reality. It’s in theembrace. You must take action to truly become anything. 

Polymathy; It’s a Lifestyle 

You don’t have to be stressed to gain success. In fact, that added stress may hinder you from finding your true calling. When it comes to polymathy, you’ll learn that life’s natural ebbs and flows are on your side. Enjoyment, inspiration, and ease can be found in honing your crafts. Have you ever wondered how highly successful people make it look so easy? They’re not tricking you -you’rejust overcomplicating things!

That’s the reason we crafted this planner. The Polymath Planner doesn’t tell you what to do; it tells youhow to do whatyouwant to do. It’s your guide to learning specific ways in making polymathy your newway of life. 

The Polymath Planner and "Less is More" sticker

One of the first things you’ll notice with the Polymath Planner is its emphasis on carefully charting your time. To understand what we mean, think of your life as a bank account. You have a finite amount of money that you can spend as you please. The less money you spend, the more you save. You obviously don’t want to waste your money -  you want to use it wisely. The same goes for your time. Time is the most precious resource we possess in life and we are in full control of how we use it. Reflect on that for a moment. No one has access to the PIN number but you.

Benjamin Franklin, one of our fav polymaths, kept a journal that consisted of a carefully crafted time log. This log prioritized keeping a schedule more so than to-do lists, thus supporting the idea that structures come first. If you expertly organize your time, the rest will fall into place.

The timelog section of Benjamin Franklin's journal

Photo Credits: The Focus Course

This method is reflected in the Polymath Planner. The log format allows you to designate a concrete purpose for each and every hour of your day. By using your time wisely, you will immediately see improvement in your stress and anxiety levels. Over time, you’ll notice how much extra time and resources you have to master your crafts, skills, and knowledge base.Get ready to watch your time “savings” grow.

Intentionality isthe secret to unlocking your ideal reality.

If you want to build a life beyond your wildest dreams, intentionality is everything. Get clear on what matters to you, what your values are, and what you want your future to look like.Dream big as if your life depended on it. All you need to do to reach your goals is to understand what they are and then intentionally work towards them.

Feelings of busyness and urgency often work against us more than for us. If you’re too concerned with seeming productive enough, you’re not concerned with your livelihood at all. Stress is not a badge of honor and empty productivity does not equate to “worthiness.” Intentionality will save you from the frenzy you’ve been finding yourself in. Connect with yourself, understand what you’re about, and you’ll soon get a sense of what matches up with your intentions (and what doesn’t).

Two men walking with a Polymath branded t-shirt

Benjamin Franklin also heavily relied on his “13 Virtues.” When writing in his journal, these values served as the guiding light in which all other content was filtered through. By reinstating his values daily, he successfully lived his days with steadfast intentionality and accountability.If you know who you are at your core, you’ll feel confident in what you want to accomplish. 

For a Polymath, Structure Actually Equals Freedom

With the use of the Polymath Planner, you’ll find planning to be more of a comfort than a chore. It’s about making room for the moments we all live for. It gives us the opportunity to lead with passion, curiosity, and creativity. 

Putting structures in place will create more peace of mind and freedom to live life on your terms. They keep you from running around, stressed out, wondering why you can’t keep up. In order to switch gears, an inevitable change in systems is in order. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight; however, you can quickly change your trajectory with the use of structures implemented in a killer system (hint, hint… The Polymath Planner). 

Young man writing in the Polymath planner

Humans thrive off routine. Think about the concept of “habits” - habits are developed as sources of comfort. They are tasks we complete regularly as a way to feel safe, secure, and in control. With the right perspective, structures of routine can work very similarly. 

Through consistency and repetition, habits and routine quickly turn into second nature. By implementing a polymath structure into your daily routine, your practice will progress into a fully realized polymath lifestyle. In addition, this structure also takes second-guessing out of the equation. A well-developed plan gives you the gift of clarity. With clarity, you can spend less time overthinking and more time doing, creating, and obtaining your dream life. Your energy is precious - less wasted time and effort will allow more space to explore and venture into your interests.

There’s a tool already out there that’s ready to help you hone in on this practice.

The Polymath Planner requires two important daily practices that work in tandem with each other; consciously understanding your goalsandconcretely working towards your goals.

The planner’s time log is designed to track your time and schedule to an exact science. This structure is applied on daily and weekly levels. This system will help you to remain driven and active in the completion of your goals. 

The Weekly Game Plan focuses on the conscious side of the equation - it encourages thoughtfulness as a way to instill focus. This structure allows you to set an intention for the week and keeps you reminded of it as you go about your days.  

Weekly Game Plan section of the Polymath Planner

By simultaneously freeing up room for creativityandconstantly staying focused on your goals, you’ll become adept at paving paths to success in your own innovative ways. 

What is the ever-present goal of all polymaths?To live life to the fullest.All polymaths want to gain as much as they can from their experience on earth. Therefore, it’s time to structure life accordingly. It’s about to get reaaaal intentional up in here. Are you ready to give this a try? 


“Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.”
- Dwight D. Eisenhower