View Your Financial Progress Through the Lens of the Polymath Planner

We’ve talked about identifying and healing the beliefs that we naturally create in our relationships with money. In this blog, we’ll take the concept of money one step further and teach you how to apply your new, more helpful beliefs. As you make a shift in this area of your life, The Polymath Planner can be an integral tool in tracking your financial progress. This blog will concretely show you how to see your finances through a new lens. 

Case Study

Seeing is believing — if you’re still on shaky ground when it comes to your financial confidence, let this real-life example show you how it’s possible!  

Introducing: Michael Bird

Michael Bird has been a member of the Polymath Planner club since April of 2020. New Jersey born and raised and a mechanic by trade, Michael found the planner through networking in 2019. 

For Michael, the planner swept in at a time in his life when organization and balance was definitely needed. Between working for a start-up, embarking on the life of an entrepreneur, and juggling a vibrant personal life, he needed to implement structure — one that would allow him to accomplish his goals inall of these areas.  

Through observing and utilizing the structure of The Polymath Planner, Michael found his groove. Through continued use, he was then able to create his own systems, building upon the foundation of the planner’s principles.

The entrepreneur now finds himself accomplishing more goals — ones that steadily increase his income on a consistent basis. Creating repetitive processes in his business, setting investing goals, investing in courses for personal development, and staying diligent about studying are all practices which Michael has gained through the use of The Polymath Planner. 

The Weekly Game Plan, question prompts, and The Weekly Review are sections that Michael specifically attributes to his success. Through The Weekly Game Plan, he was able to gain clarity in defining his goals and preparing for the completion of them. He gives credit to the question prompts for helping to identify how he spends his time and where he’s progressing. By identifying his sources of happiness through The Weekly Review, he’s routinely inspired to apply these points of joy to his own business and financial plan. 

Where is Michael Bird now? 

Less than a year into using The Polymath Planner, Michael is using its systems and principles as a fundamental building block for his new business. He is steadily staying on track, slaying business-related goals while balancing a fulfilling personal life. Thanks to this planner, Michael is on his way to paying off his debt by Summer 2021.

The Future of Your Finances

Whether you’re new to polymathy or you’ve been using the planner for a while, you can easily start adding your finances into the mix through it’s easy-to-use sections and prompts. Here’s how!

  • The Weekly Review and Monthly Review sections make it easy to jot down your progress. What’s more, you can reflect upon these sections at any time. 
  • Looking forward: use the Weekly Game Plan to plan a budget. If you’re an entrepreneur/non-traditional worker, identify what you need to make and what you’d like to make. Get clear on your goals, and watch your bank account grow!
  • Look back on how well you hit your monthly goals — you can even create a score system to bring your achievements into plain view. 

Practicality Reaps Rewards

If you start to pay closer attention to your financial state through the use of The Polymath Planner, we’re confident you’ll see positive results. With that being said, having too-high expectations can be a tricky game — one you should play with caution. 

Anything is possible, so shoot for stars! At the same time, don’t get discouraged if you don't bring in the whole galaxy during month one. Instead of holding yourself accountable to specific monetary amounts, hone in on accomplishing certain tasks and personal growth instead. Money is a funny thing; having specific expectations around it can often mess with our heads and leave us feeling unfocused and doubtful. 

Set high goals, but don’t feel like you need to throw in the towel when the timeline plays out in expected ways. This is the whole point of learning as you go — by practically observing your progress through the lens of the Polymath Planner, you’ll be able to keep moving forward without feeling the pressure. Life doesn’t come in a pass/fail format, and neither does The Polymath Planner. 😊


You have an active eagerness to improve financially, which means there are great things ahead for you! Apply these principles to your very own Polymath Planner, and you’ll gain a clearer, more comprehensible understanding of what you’re doing right and where it’s taking you. Get after it!