This Planner was Made for 2020. Trust Us, The Best is Yet to Come

We are living in unprecedented times. You’re likely feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. But instead of just “getting through it” day by day, it’s important to try to see the bigger picture. Our current reality will be written about in history books. Each person experiencing this year will undoubtedly remember it and its resulting events for their entire lives. How doyou want to remember your experience this year? What will you tell your grandkids? How will you recount the memories of this impressionable era? 

In an uncertain time when everything seems out of control,you have the power to make one very important decision.The year is 2020, literally one for the books, and you get to decideright now how to live it. 

Contrary to Popular Belief, 2020ISN’T Canceled

“Right now” is on purpose. No matter what your religious or spiritual background is, one thing is for certain: these are the cards we’ve been dealt. In reality, this isour current reality! If you spend your days waiting for “normal” life to start again, you’ll miss out on what’s in front of youright now.2020 isnot canceled; in fact, it may be the wake-up call we all desperately need. 2020 has brought us an abundance of opportunities for growth, both as a society and in our personal lives. 

Instead of diminishing the rest of this year, learn to embrace it with the right tools. Adding small integrations into your current every day will help you envision your future more clearly. You can take advantage of this so-called “free time” as a way of getting ahead! That way, when 2021 rolls around, you’ll already be living the life everyone else has been waiting to start. 

A young man wearing a Less is More shirt in Austin, Texas

Don’t Wait Until You’re Ready.
Your Future Starts withYour Present.

What do you want to attract for yourself? Whether it be an improvement in financial security, career goals, interpersonal relationships, or all of the above,it’s so importantto start believing it before you see it.History’s greatest polymaths didn’t wait for the right time to hone their brilliance. They understood that time is of the essence.  Practicing polymathy is about exploring possibilities and welcoming opportunities. Success comes down to matters of consistency and perspective, and there’s an accessible resource ready for you to embrace this lifestyle.

The Polymath Planner will help you sort out what it is you’re looking for while keeping you on track towards getting it. 

This tool is not just for jotting down to-do lists. It helps you to truly understand your own self-growth. The Polymath Planner sets itself apart from other planners by placing an emphasis on self-care, gratitude, reflection, and perspective. 

These are key elements of success; however, they are often overshadowed by the pressures of productivity. The planner is meant to stir in these secret ingredients by teaching you how to practice mindfulness in quick and easy ways. Change your attitude towards gratitude and you’ll see drastic changes in your life. It’s really that simple.

Don’t Wait for “Better Luck Next Year.”
Make Yourself Better Now. 

Instead of calling this year a wash, learn from your mistakes and your missed opportunities. 

Perfectionism has no part in the polymath lifestyle, but trial and error certainly does. Implemented within the planner is the consistent practice ofiterative development. This process is all about observing failures as a way to improve upon them. By taking the time to reflect on what you would change about this year, you can then create a plan for what to pour into next year. 

See your obstacles and rise above them.
It’s the polymath thing to do. 

The planner also emphasizes self-awareness and self-reflection. Look at your perspective from a logical standpoint and you’ll be able to see how it shows up in your daily efforts and experiences. True fulfillment ultimately comes from self. Success isn’t about what you have; it’s about who you are. Improve upon yourself first and then, watch your life grow from there. 

Try not to let this year get you down - you could be on the precipice of the best year ever! By putting in the work in 2020, you can make 2021 work for you. Onlyyou have the power to make significant changes inyourlife. Time is on your side and that alone is a gift. 

The Polymath Planner

With all the uncertainty surrounding this year, we’recertain that this planner was made for this year.

The framework in this planner was designed for people who are ready to make a change in their lives. Is that not was 2020 has been all about? 
Get ready for a roadmap. The Polymath Planner is only aclick away.