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Become a Polymath

Polymath was started based on the idea that in order to build your future reality, you must get further in touch with yourself. In other words, you need to understand who you are before becoming the who you are meant to be. Polymath is designed to be a guide through the convolutions of life and to develop an acute sense of self-awareness, altruism and vision.

We are expanding upon these values to bring you a host of items that are purposefully designed to add value to your life. Our goal is to create tastefully designed products that are geared towards doing more with less. With the current state of our planet deteriorating due to greenhouse gas emissions and unsustainable industries, we want to create sustainable consumer products that is focused on purposeful utilization rather than irrational consumption. 

Our Values


Do you get that feeling of cluttered-ness in your mind or in your living space? Sometimes we do too. Practicing minimalism can mean many different things, in our view it is understanding what is enough and knowing how to live within your means to provide you with comfort and peace-of-mind. 


Self-Awareness is the key to living a fulfilled life. Being aware of one's shortcomings and talents allows one to make decisions from a position of strength rather than a position of insecurity. To Polymath, self-awareness means having the ability to understand how one interacts with entities around one's self. In turn, one of our many goals is to create items that our customers love and respect as an integral part of their own environments.


Being able to quickly identify points of interests out of a gaggle of information is a skill in and of itself. Efficiency is a Polymath core value because we believe in using this same skill to find the optimal way to utilize the space around you. The products we create give you maximum value out of each interaction.


Altruism is one of Polymath's core values because we believe that it is our duty as human beings to leave this world better than we found it. Through our products and hopefully through our message, we will create a more wholesome future where instead of partaking in reckless consumerism, built upon individualism, we can forgo the focus on ourselves and project our love to benefit others.


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