Polymath Subscription


Iterative by Nature

What makes this different from the regular planner?

  • Every month you get a new planner with new layouts and challenges
  • Exclusive content embedded in the planner
  • Earn rewards for special clothing, merch, and wall art


  • 35 days
  • 6.1” x 8.5”
  • 10.4 ounces

Why the Polymath Planner Exists.

You know that anxious you get when your life is not put together? That was me in college. I felt things were falling through the cracks and with everything I had going on things were really overwhelming.

I created the Polymath Planner to solve this problem.

It has helped me...

• Reduce my stress
• Get 1% better every day
• Get clarity on my goals.
• Take time for self-care (its so important!)

Ranjit Marathay
Founder, Polymath

The Polymath Benefits.

When following the Polymath System helps with:

• Enhancing your mental clarity
• Taking a meditative approach to goal setting
• Building a strong morning and evening routine
• Creating sustainable habits
• Accomplishing your goals with a proven system

Faiez Rana | CEO Prep To Your Door

"If you are a creative achiever, and need help focusing your priorities to move closer to your goals, Polymath Planner can help. The daily prompts combine reflection with goal setting. It’s not only goal oriented, it’s fulfillment oriented. Would recommend this planner & brand to anyone close to me."

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