Routine: The Secret Ingredient to Every Polymath's Lifestyle

Routine is not a punishment. 

Living by a regimented plan won’t keep you from your pursuit of freedom in your day-to-day. In fact, setting systems in place will offer you more freedom. Routine is the secret ingredient to every polymath’s lifestyle. Once you implement it, you’ll understand why it’s on your side. 

Through this blog, we’ll give you the guidelines to making routine work for you, no matter who you are or what you do. Ready for the aha moment?You’rethe boss of your routine, not the other way around. Sounds more fun now, doesn’t it?You get to call the shots on how you show up in this world and planning will give you clarity on the most efficient ways to do so. 

The Polymath Planner stresses iterative development, causing the creation of your routine to be a personalized experience. This type of thinking is all about making room for strategic adjustment and reflection.

As our founder says:

"Everyone is different; there is no one-size-fits-all routine or schedule. An optimal routine requires self-awareness. If something isn’t working, bear witness. Instead of trying to fit the mold, create your own.” 

We invite you to get your routine on with these three common schedules in mind. How willyou show up in the world and your current situation as a polymath?

The Work from Home Polymath

A young man working from home on his laptop with his dog in his lap

Whether working from home is old news or you’ve recently joined the WFH club, this way of life is definitely expanding. The digital age we’re living in leans more and more this way every day. In addition, COVID-19 is drastically changing the way businesses look at their methods of operation. If you’re working from home, expect your “non-traditional” environment to become a lot more normalized soon!

To clarify, the “Work from Home Polymath” is anyone who is a freelancer or answers to their boss via a screen. This also includes parents trying their hand at homeschooling! 

If you fit this type, then lucky you - you’ve got a little bit of flexibility. This flexibility can also be troublesome - it leaves a lot of guesswork in your day-to-day. We recommend using the Polymath Planner to add structure to your mornings and evenings. By carving out solid time-slots for routine in your day, you’ll mentally prep yourself for your “clocked-in” hours. 

The Corporate Polymath

A group of professionals working together at a large desk in an office space

For those living a corporate lifestyle, a lot of your routine is decided for you. So, here’syourdilemma - how do you create structure within the Polymath Planner while still adhering to your boss? 

If you find yourself in a 9 to 5 lifestyle, complete with a higher-up boss and office destination, the concept of personalizing your routine might be hard to comprehend. If you’re nodding your head, we urge you to remember thatroutine is on your side.Building a routine isn’t about bulldozing through your current life to make a new one. It’s about making use of what you’ve got. By practicing small changes, you’ll eventually build to the big ones. 

We suggest using the Polymath Planner as or alongside your work planner. Keep it easily accessible - have it on your desk or throw it in your bag when you’re out to lunch. This way, you’ll be able to jot down notes when inspiration hits. 

This planner is multi-dimensional and will help you to see that personal growth doesn’t fit with the rest of the items on your to-do list. With that said, you can easily use this log for to-do lists as well. 😏

The Non-Traditional Polymath

An artist looking over their piece on the floor

Ah, the non-traditional polymath - the black sheep of our highly corporate world. This prototype includes self-employed workers,, people who work in non-traditional job fields, or anyone whose job doesn’t allow for or require a daily routine. If you’re in a non-traditional field on purpose, “routine” probably feels like a dirty word to you. Don’t fret, free spirit - we have good news for you. 

Routine isn’t synonymous with scheduling each day down to the minute. Develop your schedule bydoing, observing, measuring, reflecting, and adjusting(iterative development in a nutshell). You don’t have to get it right on the first try, nor should you. 

When it comes to the principles of the Polymath Planner, you don’t have to live every day the same way. If your work schedule is consistently subject to change, you can still accomplish the guidelines of this planner daily. Alternatively, if you have the opportunity to build your routine from scratch, this planner can be used as a tool to effectively do so. 

A keyboard, cup of coffee, and Polymath Planner placed on a desk


Contrary to popular belief, your work schedule or the lack thereof definitely doesn’t define you or your approach to life. Routine and schedule are two different animals, and one’s a lot friendlier than the other (Hint: it’s routine.)

If you lead with intention, allow for reflection, and keep up with consistency, you are already performing as a Polymath.You’ve got this, go-getter.